FAQ about Squeaky Clean Exteriors

First of all, why pressure washing?
Regular maintenance and power washing of your walkways and exteriors can prevent decay and add years to their lifespan! Trust us, you will love the look of your exteriors without dirt, grime, mold, rubber marks, and even graffiti!

I’ve heard that pressure washing can produce hundreds of gallons of wastewater. Should I be concerned about this?
Wastewater can be quite the problem – if you’re not prepared and ready to manage it. Failure to do so will result in wastewater going straight into a storm drain, containing heavy metals, pesticides, and hazardous chemicals. Fortunately, when you hire City Wide to manage your project, the disposal of your wastewater is taken seriously. To prevent this from happening, we will manage blocking off the drain, collecting the water via a pump system, and taking it to a wastewater treatment facility to remove that toxins that may be present.

Is pressure washing eco-friendly?
It is. When you’re pressure washing, you’re only using plain water. No detergents, harsh chemicals, or even mild soaps. It may seem impossible, but that’s the beauty of pressure washing!

Is pressure washing going to damage my exteriors?
Done properly by an experienced pressure washer, no. Though it seems like a somewhat easy task, it takes necessary technical knowledge. The troublesome part is that it is a highly-pressurized solution. If your crew isn’t careful, materials such as wood, vinyl, and even brick can deteriorate quickly. By enlisting City Wide to manage this service for you, you will get a knowledgeable crew to perform your service, ensuring a safe and effective restoration service for your property.

Can painted exteriors (like a fence) be pressure washed?
It depends. Double check with your manufacturer’s PSI recommendations to ensure pressure washing won’t cause damage to your building’s exterior surfaces.

What about my loading docks and front entrance walkways?
Yes, don’t forget these! Pressure washing these surfaces is great to remove salt and sand buildup from the winter to improve your curb appeal.

Why use City Wide and not just pressure wash myself?
After reading the questions and answers above, it’s probably clear to see that doing the job yourself can result in many problems arising. Who wants to deal with wastewater and a potentially eroding building? We are guessing you don’t want to handle all of that. Don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

Now is the perfect time for pressure washing so give us a ring today. We would love to help you incorporate pressure washing into your annual City Wide spring maintenance schedule!