Extend the Life of Your Carpet

One of the most common issues with commercial carpet care is learning to prolong the inevitable. While regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of carpets, eventually they will need to be replaced. It’s just the nature of this kind of flooring.

But there are steps you can take which will help your carpeting stay cleaner, longer. Follow these steps, and you may be able to keep your carpet pristine:

Vacuum and Extraction

Regular vacuuming is the easiest way to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet, and you are probably already doing it. Extraction, however, is even more important because it gets the skin, hair and dust particles that settle in the base of your carpet over time. These particles are unaffected by a vacuum and are really only reached via a low-moisture wet extraction method. This is similar to a shampoo service, but focuses on lifting the dirt and accumulated sediment from the base of your carpet. It can help with stains and can reduce damage to carpet fibers.

Spot Cleaning

Spot Cleaning is essential to avoid stains, but doing it the wrong way could lead to worse problems down the road. Spotting is a detail service designed to attack those isolated drips and stains when they appear. Trusting an experienced professional with the right equipment to do this will prevent the overuse of shampoos that leave behind a sticky detergent film. This is a common problem that actually causes discoloration over time as dirt sticks to the residue.


Make policies to protect your carpet. Having a rule making it mandatory for all beverage containers to have lids on carpeted areas can stop spills before they happen. Preventing damage caused by liquids is a simple way to prolong the life of your carpets and keep cleaning expenses down as well.

Floor Mats

Creating and sustaining a proper Floor Mat Program will benefit your facility in multiple ways. Visitors will be less likely to track contaminants inside your building if the proper types and lengths of mats are maintained in and around the entrances. This will reduce the amount of dirt finding its way to your carpets, thus decreasing the possibility of grimy build up and stains.

Inspect and Examine

Tears, pilling, and buckles can occur in even well maintained carpets. It’s a part of the evolution of a carpet as it ages, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fix these problems. On a regular basis you can examine your carpets, inspecting them for problems such as these. When you or your janitorial crew find these problems, hiring experienced professionals will ensure that they get fixed before they become a larger issue.

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