Event Cleanup Doesn’t Need to be Complicated




Customized event service solutions

Planning an event is hard enough on its own. Planning post-event clean-up only adds to the stress. Why worry about the clean-up when a facility management company can find the right crew and execute a solid clean-up plan for you? Finding a cleaning service tailored specifically to event cleaning sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Well, if you don’t mind managing an entire clean-up crew for pre-event cleaning, post-event cleaning, decorating, and tear-downs; it could be. However, handling the clean-up services for your event takes precious time away from planning for the event and making necessary preparations. Wouldn’t it make things a lot easier if there was a company that could manage all the cleaning and decorations on your behalf?

City Wide manages commercial event services for all types of events. Concerts, corporate celebrations, festivals, and grand openings are just a few types of events we can handle the clean-up and preparations for! Regardless of the scale of the event, City Wide will be able to have the venue cleaned so thoroughly, there will be no evidence of an event even happening in the first place. It is so simple, that you will only need to have a correspondence with one point of contact to get the job done. You will be communicating with a Facility Solutions Manager, an individual with industry-leading expertise in facility maintenance who will manage the independent contractors on your behalf. Your Facility Solutions Manager will ensure the cleanup process is efficient, detailed, and within your budget.


Event service solutions that offer more than just cleaning

Many event management service companies say they are able to include pre-event cleanup as well as post-event cleanup services as part of their package. However, most of these services only cover basic cleaning and trash removal. Event service through City Wide will go beyond general cleaning. During the event, you can expect things such as:

  • Cleanup
  • Trash Removal
  • Restroom Attendants
  • Labor Force
  • Pressure Washing
  • Parking Lot Sweeping
  • Hard Floor Care
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Security & Access Control
  • Detail Cleaning
  • Much More!

With managed commercial event services, you don’t have to sweat the small details. No longer will you have to worry about trash accumulating during the event, emergency clean-ups, not having restroom attendants, or even proper security and access control. With City Wide, it’s more than just clean-ups. Your FSM will be the only point of contact you need to address any issues regarding your event services. Your FSM is also adept at providing maintenance solutions for the venue. These services include disinfecting, hard floor care, commercial cleaning, and much more! There is a benefit to having your FSM manage your facility solutions whether an event is taking place or not.

Event service planning can be simplified 

Planning for an event is complex enough as it is. You can remove venue cleanup and maintenance from the list when you have City Wide manage your event services for you. Event service management can help simplify the clean-up preparation for the event you are hosting. With City Wide, you focus more on actually planning the event itself rather than constantly worrying about what needs to be done for clean-up and any services or restorations the venue needs.

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