3 Event Planning Stress Factors

Event Planning Stress Factors

If you’ve ever planned an event for a large group of people – an annual convention, street festival, concert, charity event, cocktail reception, and so on – you know just how many details (and how much stress) goes into it.

Perhaps you were meticulous in making sure all details were covered. And frankly, it’s unlikely the attendees will turn their heads to notice how many times the trash is taken out during the event. But the moment it starts overflowing and people begin looking for a place to throw something away, it becomes a problem. And worse, any details that weren’t planned for will quickly become exposed to your attendees.

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As a planner, that’s frustrating, especially after all the time you’ve put into pulling off this great event. Let’s look at three other factors that often frustrate or overwhelm event planners:

  1. Limited time to prepare for the event: If you’ve been given the task to plan the next big company event, it’s a sickening feeling when you learn you only have a small window of time to make it happen. “Most corporate executives think six weeks is a huge amount of time to get ready for the sale conference,” John Fisher, Managing Director of FMI Group shared on an EventBrite blog. “But all event planners know this is very tight. From deciding on the theme to who is actually going to speak, delays eat away at the effectiveness of the budget and you end up paying rush rates and making do on creative ideas simply because the decision process for almost anything to do with events takes so much longer than you expect.”
  2. The venue doesn’t offer basic services: You may have found the perfect venue for your corporate event or charity event, but basic services such as pre- and post-cleanup isn’t offered or there isn’t staff or security at the venue. As the event planner, you now have more work added to your already-full plate. Who will prepare the space for the event? Who will clean up after the event? Who will make sure there are plenty of supplies in the bathrooms? Trash removal? Suddenly, your to-do list has multiplied because you have to find additional vendors.
  3. Not having a backup plan when something goes wrong: We’ve all heard the saying, “Be prepared for everything.” But even if you’ve Googled the top 50 things that could wrong at an event (and you’ve covered all your bases), the unexpected is always what catches us off guard. The things you never thought about because you didn’t have the right eyes to help you look out for it.

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