Environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies.

so it is necessary to clean and maintainThe health of your workforce is certainly one of your top priorities, so it is necessary to clean and maintain your building with more than only appearance in mind.

One of the most important aspects of “green” cleaning is your cleaning products.

Use Green Seal Certified and other environmentally preferred products, especially when looking at cleaning chemicals such as soaps, floor cleaners, and bathroom cleaners. These products contain less toxic chemicals and are third-party certified. Even how you apply the chemicals is important. Avoiding aerosols not only avoids air contamination, but also will allow you to use less product by applying the chemical directly onto your cleaning cloth.

The products must be effective and meet the health and sustainability criteria demanded by industry best practices. Additionally, disposable paper products and trash liners should meet performance and sustainability requirements.

Your tools, supplies, and equipment should all be appropriate and effective for the task at hand, while meeting current sustainability requirements related to particulate capture, water/chemical efficiency, and safeguards that mitigate potential building damage.

“Green” benefits include:

  • Safer working conditions – improved cleaning methods decrease health related issues such as doctor visits, absenteeism, antibiotic use, and total illness.
  • Improved indoor air quality is achieved by decreasing dirt, airborne dust, and bacteria.
  • Increased peace of mind by being more socially responsible.
  • Extending the useful life of carpets, floor coverings, and wall treatments through the elimination of caustic, acidic, and abrasive cleaners.

Adopting a green cleaning program can have a large impact on the health of your building by addressing indoor contaminants and proper ventilation. Find out more about City Wide’s Performance Plus program, which delivers a truly clean building at an affordable cost.