This Video Captures the Importance of Entrance Mats at Work

Entrance Mats Work Businesses

In the last few years, our culture has become obsessed with how many steps we take in a day. So would it surprise you to learn the average American only takes around 4,700 steps per day? That’s according to a study done last year by Stanford University.

It seems like a goal only an individual should care about, but is there a reason a facility should also care about these numbers? The answer is yes, and we’ll explain why.

We recently came across a video that revealed just how many slips, trips, and falls took place each year—and how much it might cost an employer if it happens in or around their facility. Watch it here:

However, there are solutions that might help facilities prevent these accidents from happening on their properties. One of those ways is having a matting program in place.

Many things can cause people to lose traction when they enter a building: wet floors, greasy floors, dry floors with wood dust, polished or freshly waxed floors, walking surfaces with a slope, ramps missing skid-resistant surfaces, or even weather elements such as wet leaves, rain, snow, or ice.

If you’re considering installing entrance mats to your building to help protect employees and visitors, there are a few things to consider. First, it’s important to make sure the matting is a contrasting color to the building’s floor so people can easily see it. Second, make sure your matting material isn’t cheaply made because it can actually increase slips, trips, and falls.

“You need to be sure to get one heavy enough or that adheres tightly to the floor surface to resist the rippling that causes trip accidents,” Daniel Silver, Vice President of Product Development at New Pig told Clean Link. “They are definitely great for trapping dirt and dust, but the aesthetics for any facility have to come second to basic safety.”

Lastly, having a regular cleaning maintenance routine for your entrance mats is crucial.

City Wide can get you mats in a variety of materials and styles for every budget and décor. They are even available with your company logo. You can purchase mats outright, or sign up for a scheduled matting service that replaces entrance mats periodically.

Contact City Wide today to set up a matting program that fits your building size, soil level, and budget.


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