Easy Tips and Tricks to Create a Welcoming Building Entrance

Entrance Mats Building Tips Tricks

When you think of first impressions, where does your mind go? Do you think of walking into an interview looking sharp? Does your mind go to meeting someone important? Or being prepared for a presentation in front of your company?

First impressions seem to expand much further than just our personal style or presentation skills. In fact, first impressions carry into the appearance of buildings, too. And the first place visitors may make that judgment call is when they step into your building’s entrance.

So what are some ways to make your entryway more inviting to visitors and employees? Try starting with these suggestions:

Place commercial entrance mats: Whether you have a beautiful hard floor or a brand-new carpet, it’s still important to invest in some commercial entrance mats. Not only for the safety of your tenants and visitors during the wet and slippery months, but also because matting in your building will help stop and trap dirt, salt, and moisture from spreading or getting embedded in other places around the building. If a matting program is something you’ve been interested in adding to your building, check out the video below to see how New Pig is changing the floor mat game for businesses.

Add greenery for color and a fresh breath of air: Indoor plants do more than just provide a splash of color to your entry area. According to a study done earlier this year, plants provide numerous health benefits for everyone who enters your facility—especially during cold and flu season. Without indoor plants, viruses have a tendency to stay stagnant in a building. With plants, the air circulation improves, helping move germs and viruses out of your building faster—all while the plant’s properties release fresh oxygen for everyone. Just remember, these plants will have to be frequently dusted like other furniture in your office.

Smell matters: The rule is, if you can smell it, chances are high everyone else can, too. Would it surprise you that the aroma will immediately steal any person’s attention? It doesn’t matter how beautiful your entryway is, any odd smell could ruin the room. On that note, it’s important to avoid spraying overpowering scents that are often found in air fresheners. Try something more natural such as a lemon, lavender, vanilla, or citrus. According to a study published by Scientific American, they found “odors influence mood, work performance, and many other forms of behavior via their learned associations and particularly their learned emotional associations.”

If you’re looking for some additional help choosing the right commercial floor mats for your business—or simply interested in wanting to keep your building entrance more clean and professional, contact a City Wide near you to learn more about our 20+ building maintenance solutions and services.


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Entrance Mats Building Tips Tricks