Don’t Let The Cold In!

Do you have a handyman plan Brrr! The weather is cooling down quickly, and it’s about that time for the heaters to turn on! During this time of year, it’s important to take extra steps to make sure your office stays warm… and your energy bill stays low.

Did you know that those little pieces of weather stripping in between your doors and frames play a critical role in keeping your office energy efficient? These openings are a part of a larger system that works to protect and seal the entrances to your office. Check your doors and windows. Do all of them have suitable weather stripping for the upcoming months?

At City Wide, we know it can be extremely frustrating to have to pay astronomical heating costs during the winter months. One of the reasons that heating equipment in your office needs to utilize so much energy is because the air that is being heated is leaking through the gaps around your doors and windows. Unfortunately, you are wasting your energy because you are unable to control the airflow in your office.
Luckily, City Wide can help. We can manage and schedule one-time jobs as needs arise. Contact City Wide today to get your office prepared for the winter season.