Don’t Forget These Surfaces!

Image of shutterstockWhen was the last time you asked to have the ceilings, walls, or cubicles in your office cleaned? Just like your car, keeping dirt out of each part of your building means more than just cleaning the floors and exterior.

Often, the only time we think about cleaning the walls is before you paint, to ensure that the primer and paint will last. However, did you know that dirt, dust, and even odors can stick to your walls and ceilings?

These surfaces do not need daily cleaning like your floors, but should be reviewed to see if there is a need at least once a year. The need is usually higher when your HVAC and Air Conditioning systems are not regularly maintained.

Cubicle walls also need to be cleaned based on their internal material. If the inside is made of cardboard partitions, the cleaners need to be careful not to use too much liquid, which could damage your cubicles. Cubicle walls could also be called partitions, room dividers, or wall coverings and are typically textile surfaced wall and partition. In more modern offices, they may be a smooth surface, such as plastic, glass, or even metal.

At City Wide, our expertise includes finding the proper ways to clean your ceilings, walls, and various partition types. Contact your local office today to learn more about this service