Does Your Facility Need a Pre-Season Assessment Before Winter?

Commercial Snow Services Removal

Your winter coat may be put away, but it’s not too early to start thinking about the upcoming snow season—especially since most snow removal companies are usually booked by early September.

Yet there’s another crucial reason to get your facility on the books early, and that is to have a pre-season assessment done before the first winter storm.

Even if you’ve had the same snow removal company for years, it’s still important for an assessment to be done.

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Here are some benefits of having this step done as part of your preparation for the winter:

Set the expectation: Whatever snow removal company you choose to hire, walk the building’s parking lot and sidewalk areas with them as they evaluate the space and the work that will need to be done when it snows. Make your expectations clear and show them the high-traffic areas that need a higher level of attention. It’s an excellent idea to make sure those expectations are included in the contract, as well.

Speed up the service: If the snow removal company has the chance of visiting the property ahead of the season, it helps them have a snow removal plan already in place when the time comes. When the crew arrives, no time will be wasted getting right to work. It also means your facility is likely to be cleared and ready before employees arrive for work.

Identifying the drain areas: If you wait until the first storm, the snow removal company won’t have a chance to get familiar with your property, such as where the drains are in the parking lot. Allow them to take photos and/or mark in their system where it’s best to make the pile of snow so it will melt in the proper places.

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Other potential concerning areas: It’s normal to just think about the parking lots and sidewalks when it comes to clearing snow. However, other areas such as awnings, overhangs, and even roofing can accumulate large amounts of snow that could quickly become a safety issue when the melting begins. The snow removal company can help spot these places with you, plus include them in the contract so you don’t have to think about it again.

If you don’t want to worry about the upcoming winter months, City Wide is here to help you prepare for it. Booking CWM snow removal services early will guarantee someone will be available to service your facility when the first storm hits.

Contact your local City Wide today to get your pre-season assessment done.