Why You Should Consider Hiring Day Porters at Your Facility

Day Porters Hiring Reasons

Is there always extra toilet paper on the bathroom floors by noon? Do you run out of paper towels by afternoon? Does the breakroom cleanliness get neglected during the day because no one wants to take responsibility for the spill or mess in the microwave? Does one trash start overflowing before the day is over?

These are just a few reasons many property managers or facility owners decide to bring on day porters. Instead of just having a nightly cleaning crew attend to the building’s basic janitorial services, a day porter can be the eyes and ears of your facility during business hours—which could help improve your employee’s productivity (due to less complaining about the issues above) and possibly even help save a client’s first impression when they enter your building.

So what are some benefits to consider when it comes to hiring a day porter at your facility?

  • Clean high-traffic areas in your facility that need attention such as the lobby, restrooms, and more
  • Keep your building running smoothly during business hours
  • Assist in setting up for meetings/tearing down after meetings
  • Quickly clean up spills or identify a safety hazard (such as slick floors from weather)

In some cases, day porters become part of the family at a facility. Take this story about a day porter (not associated with City Wide) who works at school in Washington:

Have you been interested in hiring a day porter for your facility? City Wide goes to great lengths to make sure the people we put in your building have background checks.

Contact City Wide today to learn more about how we can help you save time and solve problems.


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