Creating a Clean Culture

Creating a Clean CultureCity Wide believes great company culture starts with a clean office. A fresh workspace encourages productivity and sends a positive and professional message to your customers.

While maintaining the appearance of your workplace can be time-consuming, neglecting it can result in very negative consequences. By creating a clean culture, you will be able to maintain a positive personal image, a professional company image, and even aid in your employees’ health.

Why Is A Clean Culture Important?

A dirty space can be papers, office supplies, dirty coffee cups, and food wrappers covering a desk. It can also look like books piled in chairs, Post-its covering surfaces, and an overall sense of clutter.

In many ways, what your office looks like is a direct representation of your business. It’s the physical embodiment of your beliefs, your values, and your philosophies on how you treat your employees and run your business.

Keeping A Positive Personal Image

Professional people should take pride in their jobs – this translates to how they organize their work space. A tidy office makes it easier to be productive, find the things you need, and complete tasks. When your patrons visit, they’ll see your organization (or lack thereof) as a direct reflection on you, your seriousness in business, and your professionalism.

Keeping A Professional Company Image

The hygiene of your office reflects on your company as a whole. To make a good impression, you want to treat each customer as if it’s their first time in your office. If you have lots of clutter, dirty dishes, disorganized desks, or overflowing trash cans, you will send a message to them that you’re overwhelmed. A dirty office makes your customer think you lack in professionalism. To interact best with your customer, you want to create a standard of cleanliness that they’ll admire and want to do business with.|

City Wide Can Help

As you can see, it’s important to put some systems in place for cleaning your work space. Create and distribute a policy for washing dirty dishes or placing them in a dishwasher (if applicable). When finished with food wrappers and disposable coffee cups, have your employees dispose of them. Clean old food out of the refrigerator on a regular basis. Have a daily process for wiping down desks and cubicles. Tell management when the carpeting begins looking dingy or spotty or if exposed air ducts are starting to collect dust. All of these things can go a long way towards helping you maintain the best and most efficient work space possible.

At City Wide, we sit on the same side of the table as you and want what’s best for your business. Call us today to manage your building maintenance and ensure a clean, healthy culture for your workplace.