Are You Asking These Questions About Reopening Your Facility? Listen Here to Our Podcast


When the COVID-19 pandemic began and states put stay-at-home orders in place, both essential and non-essential businesses faced the same question: “When will my facility be able to return to business as usual?”

No one could have predicted just how long we’d wait for that answer, but the time has finally come for several states to consider reopening or return their operation to some semblance of normal. It may feel exciting at first, but with that decision comes a lot of other questions such as “Am I ready? How can I protect people in my facility – now and in the future?”

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As You Get Back to Business, There Are New Standards to Consider

Cleaning and disinfectant processes have taken on an entirely different meaning these days because of COVID-19, but you shouldn’t be left alone to try and figure out how they’ve changed or what that means.

“Over the past 33 years, we have seen many changes and innovation happening in equipment, chemicals, and cleaning strategies,” said Joe Choplin, Director of Operations at City Wide Maintenance in Kansas City. “But in the last 75-90 days, there’s been a rapid advancement on becoming better at properly disinfecting.”

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Choplin goes on to suggest that every facility needs to have a plan in place – whether you’re reopening your doors, or your facility has remained open during the pandemic. “We can help people understand what that ‘new normal’ looks like these days.”

If you’d like to hear some tips from Choplin, tune in to this conversation he had with Emma Crossley, Director of Learning & Development for City Wide.

In this podcast, you will hear:

  • What types of disinfectant services are available
  • Why it is so important to have a plan for your facility
  • What you should be thinking about in terms of preparing your facility for the return of employees
  • How you can support employees with a new level of trust and comfort for their own health
  • What types of personal protective equipment you might provide for your employees

Looking for Additional Resources to Return to Work Safely?

Because we care so much for our communities, we wanted to provide additional materials to help you through this difficult time. Make sure to check out these other pages where you can download free posters that relate to COVID-19 and other best practices and guides.