Consolidate Janitorial Supplies with your Janitorial Provider

Janitorial suppliesJanitorial supplies are not the most glamorous subject of discussion. Toilet paper, hand soap, and cleaning solutions are just not a particularly intriguing topic, especially when you have a building to keep running. But, if you are in charge of supplies and you run out (No paper towels? That’s bad! No toilet paper? Even worse!), that can make for an extremely stressful day. That is one reason you need to hold a trusting relationship with your janitorial supplies manager. And who can you trust with your janitorial supplies more than the janitorial services company using them?

The company managing your janitorial service will know what you need in terms of supplies much better than a third party coming in and guessing at how much of a particular product will be used in the coming weeks. City Wide will not only utilize these supplies, but can track usage and replenish them as well, ensuring you never run out. Our business model makes reordering your supplies an easier task also.

By providing a single point of contact for your services and supplies, we are able to cut down on unnecessary channels of communication. Our Facility Services Manager (FSM) will visit your location or communicate with your contact regularly during business hours in order to check in, and this will also be the point at which we check your supplies to ensure things are never depleted.

By consolidating supplies management and janitorial services with one company you will also be consolidating your bill. One monthly bill with no surprises can make managing your building’s needs – and your budget – much easier.

Contact your local City Wide today to learn about how our supplies management can make a difference in your building.