The Surprising Ways LEDs Can Impact Your Facility

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There are many reasons a building owner or facility manager may start reevaluating the type of lighting being used – though it most commonly comes down to cost. And while that’s a fair reason to make the switch, there are other beneficial reasons Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting should be the way to go.

When you make the switch to LEDs, these bulbs can help save money on electricity and maintenance costs for several reasons. The bulbs need very little power and last a long time so you aren’t paying for replacements as often. To top it off, LEDs can even work within your existing lighting fixtures, though the wiring and ballasts may need to be adjusted by a professional.

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Have you ever thought about the other ways LEDs can impact your facility? Here are some surprising findings researchers have discovered over time since more and more facilities have begun to make the switch:

They burn cooler: When you switch to LEDs, you can say goodbye to the concern you may have about them getting too hot if left on too long. Despite their heavier nature, LEDs may typically run around 107 degrees—versus an incandescent bulb that can heat up to as much as 327 degrees

Bugs be gone: Depending on the brand of LED, some don’t attract bugs like incandescent lights naturally do. Why? Many LEDs don’t produce ultraviolet rays, which is the very thing that attracts bugs. Before settling on a brand of LED, make sure to check how much UV light that bulb produces.

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Light color matters: Have you ever wondered if the type of lighting in your building impacts productivity? Since LEDs don’t produce white light—instead, they offer a spectrum of colors that represent a more natural light—it can greatly impact your tenants’ or employees’ moods.

This is where City Wide can come in and help you manage the transition to LEDs Not only that, but our Facility Services Managers will work with you to identify the best options for your building—giving you the best offers on installation, materials, and maintenance costs that work within your budget.

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One of the additional benefits to letting City Wide help you transition to LEDs is our strong relationships with our vendors and our knowledge of national and local government rebate programs. These programs are very dependent on the area your business operates within, but may result in significant discounts.

Contact your local City Wide location to so we can make your switch to LEDs easier than you ever imagined.