How To Remove Salt Stains From Your Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial Floor Mats Salt Stains

There’s so much a business owner must think about before winter: booking snow removal service, frozen pipe prevention, holiday light installation, even getting the HVAC system inspected. But do you have a plan to keep road salt from causing damage to your building’s floor mats and carpets?

We’ve all seen the aftermath of what salt can do to a business’ floor. Not only does that salt cause white spots, but those spots seem almost impossible to remove. Road salt can be one of the worst contributors to a floor mat or carpet’s deterioration.

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The fact of the matter is, road salt isn’t the same as table salt. The chemicals in road salt contain ingredients like sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride – making it a high-alkaline substance that can withstand freezing temperatures. Additionally, when mixed when moisture, it causes the snow and ice to melt.

However, it leaves a chalky residue on concrete. So you can imagine what that same salt does when it becomes embedded in the soles of shoes and deposited into the floor mats or carpets in our facility. That same chalky residue will appear there, too.

It may come naturally to think that warm water or an over-the-counter carpet cleaner will do the trick.  But you’ll be sorely disappointed when you use one of those methods, only to discover that when it dries, those same white spots reappear. The reason being, most over-the-counter cleaners contain high-alkaline pH levels just like road salt. These solutions only add more alkaline to a surface that is already suffering from too much alkaline.

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If you’re looking for an effective way to remove road salt stains on your floor mats or carpet, watch what this expert recommends:

City Wide knows first impressions matter to facility owners, so that makes your entry area one of the most crucial places in your building. Whether employees or clients realize it, they depend on well-kept matting and clean carpets.

But if you’d rather avoid the hassle of keeping your floor mats or carpets clean (especially without the vinegar smell), or you have a larger area to address, it’s best to set up a plan to ensure your floors are being cared for by professionals.

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Not only does City Wide offer flexibility based on your needs and budget, but it’s a priority for us to take away the stress that comes with keeping your building looking its best all-year round.

Contact your local City Wide in the United States or Canada to set up a program to keep your floor mats and carpets salt-free this winter.