How Science Indicates It Matters to Have Your Logo Printed on Commercial Mats

Commercial Floor Mats Logo

Having your business logo printed on a commercial entrance mat may seem like just an “added expense” to your budget, but scientists may disagree since they have discovered the power behind what your eyes see and what those images tell our brains.

According to an article published in ScienceNordic, our eyes take in many elements when we are in a new environment. Meanwhile, our brains are filtering what’s important to focus on and how we feel about a place.

For example, think about the way we approach a building we’ve never been to before. As you get out of the car and begin walking towards it, your eyes are gathering images that are sent to your brain to begin filtering what’s important and what’s not. Some of those pictures may include the structure of the building, the height, or the color of the facility. As you get closer, you may zero in on the entrance details such as the landscaping, the types of doors, or the logo to let you know you’ve arrived at the right place. These images are translated to your brain which give you a message how you feel at this new place.

So, if your building is lacking certain elements in the entryway – such as cleanliness or safety measures such as commercial floor mats or clean doors – it could be hindering the way your employees or clients feel about your business.

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That’s why it’s crucial to pay attention to the details at the entry point of your building. Not only are you trying to provide a warm welcome, but you also want to show the level of professionalism at your facility and that it’s well taken care of and serviced.

As Charles R. Swindoll once said, “The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.” As a business owner or facility manager, you can imagine why a detail on your outdoor or indoor commercial floor mats can matter to those coming and going from your facility. It becomes part of the picture for employees and clients to see and then translate to the brain that details matter to this business.

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At City Wide, we help our clients achieve their messages on commercial floor mats through our preferred vendors. To that point, one of our vendors, New Pig, offers businesses a professional – and exceptionally safe way through adhesive backing – to feature their logo on commercial floor mats in their facilities.

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