What Kind of Commercial Floor Mats Does Your Building Need?

Commercial Floor Mats Buildings

Have you ever walked into a building without commercial floor mats? If it’s raining outside and/or you have shoes on that don’t have a good grip on the sole, it’s a dangerous combination. But that’s only a couple of ways slips and falls can happen on a property.

Most property and facility managers choose to spend a little extra to implement commercial floor mats – a worthwhile expense – but choosing the right mats isn’t as easy as it may sound. In fact, there are dozens of floor matting types and options to choose from. So how will you know if you’re making the best decision for your building?

Here we’re going to highlight a few commercial floor mats that are often popular choices among property and facility managers.

Recessed Grill Mats

During the snowy months, this floor matting type is ideal for buildings with a large occupancy coming in and out all day long. The aluminum grated texture was designed to let liquid, dirt, and salt from the outside fall down in between the grates, which can be captured below in an underlying compartment and easily cleaned later by a maintenance crew.

Recessed Mats

Most of us have walked into a building before and tripped on a mat that had a raised ripple or the corner was flipped up. It’s one of the prime reasons why recessed mats were invented—to avoid accidents just like this. This type of floor mats for offices is installed flush into the ground so that all foot traffic will avoid tripping on it.

Rubber Mats

Probably one of the most popular choices among businesses is rubber matting. Not only for the solid traction it creates, but the material has a tendency to last a lot longer than something like carpet tile matting. Plus, it’s very easy to clean and is highly resistant to moisture damage.

Still not sure about what kind of commercial floor mats would fit your office or facility? Or do you want to know about more options? We can get you mats in a variety of materials and styles for every budget and décor. Contact City Wide today to set up a matting program that fits your building size, soil level, and budget.


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