An Expert Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Floor Care

Where do we all go when we have questions about commercial floor care? Typically it’s Google, but sometimes the questions we ask can give an overwhelming amount of answers or a wide-range of advice.

To save you time and frustration, we’ve asked an expert at Regal Distributing, Greg Page, weighs in on some frequently asked questions about commercial floor care.


Do dirt and germs accumulate faster on carpet or hard-surface floors such as tile?

Dirt and germs accumulate faster on carpet. The fibers have a lot of surface area that attract and collect dirt particles. This also makes it harder to clean and keep clean.

Is it inevitable that wooden floors will be scratched up over time? Is there any way to prevent it from happening?

The scratches are caused by dirt that gets dragged across the surface. This could be from the bottom of your shoe or under a leg of a chair. The best way to limit the damage is to have a good floor matting system in place to try and catch any outside dirt from coming in. Keeping gliders on the legs of chairs and tables will help. These also need to be cleaned to remove dirt or replaced from time to time.

If I haven’t had my building’s floor stripped and waxed before, is it too late? Why or why not?

It’s never too late to wax a floor. If you haven’t waxed a floor before and the floor is damaged/scratched, then waxing it won’t make it look new. It’ll protect it from additional damage, but will not cover the already-done damage.

Is there a difference between a spot and a stain on hard floors?

There is a difference. A spot is a visible surface discoloration that results from a soil that CAN be removed. On the other hand, a stain is a visible discoloration resulting from a color that permanently attached. It’s best to consult with a professional to find out your best options.

Are the processes to clean vinyl, hardwood, concrete, and tile all different? If so, why are they different?

The processes are similar, but the chemical/equipment and procedures vary from surface to surface. Each surface can react differently to chemicals or the equipment used to clean.


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