How to Make Your Commercial Carpet Last Longer

commercial carpet clean

There’s a big difference from the carpet in your home and the carpet in your commercial building. For one thing, unlike your home, there are dozens (or hundreds) of people walking through your commercial building. That means the maintenance for commercial carpet is much higher all year round. (Think about shoes tracking in mud from the rainy weather, salt and snow, or oil from the hot pavement in the parking lots.)

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Keeping your commercial carpet clean can have many benefits for your building. Besides providing a positive first impression, a well-cared for carpet will also create better air quality for occupants. You might be surprised to learn how much debris, dust, and dirt can quickly become embedded in carpet fibers. The accumulation could start to build and may eventually begin to cause breathing problems for employees. Here are a few steps that may help your commercial carpet have a longer lifespan.

Entrance mats

Adding floor mats at the doors of your facility can greatly decrease the amount of dirt and grime being tracked in from visitors’ shoes. You might be surprised to know how many different options are available. We compiled a list of a few commercial floor mat types to give you an idea how professional they are being designed these days.

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Air duct cleaning

You may not think about your building’s air ducts often, but they aren’t meant to be forgotten. In fact, dirty air ducts (especially if they haven’t been cleaned in years) could be a key contributor to why you’re noticing more dust and dirt accumulating in the building. Even if you have a daily vacuum routine and frequently schedule a commercial carpet cleaning, what’s coming out of the air ducts might eventually dull or lessen the life of carpet.

Cleaning other upholstery in your facility

Are there couches in your lobby or waiting area? What about any other upholstery that hasn’t been cleaned in a while? Surprisingly, it’s just as important to have your facility’s upholstery cleaned as it is the floor. Depending on the number of visitors who sit on the upholstery, these types of furniture could be adding to the dirt and odor your carpet may inherit.

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Vacuum daily and deep clean twice a year

If you have areas of your carpet more heavily trafficked than others, steam cleaning—also called extraction—is a great interim step. It should be done every six months in order to keep these sections looking as good as the rest of the carpet. This will also keep your carpet manufacturer’s warranty valid.

The easiest way to make sure your carpet lasts is to establish a maintenance plan.

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