Why a National Dialysis Clinic Decided to Reunite with City Wide

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City Wide’s story began in 1961, yet as our story continues to develop, we often get the rich experience of watching how our team changes another company’s story for the better.

DaVita, a kidney disease care and dialysis company, is one of them.

Our relationship with this national healthcare company began in 2008. But in 2014, DaVita had a shift in management. The goal was to help them refocus where they were spending money. DaVita hired a property management company in hopes of cutting costs.

Even though City Wide was exceeding DaVita’s expectations for several years, the property management company believed it was best for DaVita to end its national relationship with City Wide. Instead, it was decided all DaVita facilities would use the property management company’s janitorial vendors because it would save each of its 2,580 locations money.

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However, it didn’t take long for an uproar—by the 100s—from DaVita facility administrators and regional operations directors. The company may have been saving money, but the facility administrators and regional operations directors realized the property management’s vendors had underbid the quality of cleaning they needed at their facilities—especially for a dialysis clinic. In other words, the new janitorial vendors didn’t have time to clean the clinics or follow the scope of work they had promised. Even worse, many crews, for time’s sake, had quit cleaning the floors as regularly.

City Wide is an advocate of fostering and maintaining positive relationships (even when you are no longer a client) and making ourselves aware of the issue with the new janitorial crews. And since it’s in our nature to not only save time and solve problems, but also live by our ripple effect, we saw an opportunity to help. DaVita quickly remembered how great and consistent City Wide was with each of their clinics, and DaVita decided to cut ties from hundreds of the property management’s janitorial vendors so they could welcome back City Wide. Today, City Wide currently services 300 DaVita dialysis centers nationwide—and that number continues to rise.

We Understand Dialysis Clinics

We understand the challenges of facility maintenance for dialysis clinics. The truth is, after more than 55 years of experience in the building maintenance industry, we’ve heard it all. We know the responsibilities can be vast and varied: scheduling staff, keeping your building clean, and let’s not forget about the overall quality of care for patients. It’s a daily challenge! So here’s our question: What’s been your biggest headache when it comes to keeping your dialysis facility clean? Here are some common concerns we hear our dialysis clients tell us when we first meet. Do any sound familiar?

Floor Maintenance

Keeping the floors clean is critical, especially in a dialysis environment. But is your cleaning crew using the same process every day? City Wide understands the importance of removing bio-carb stains, especially on VCT or LVT floor type.

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Cleanliness of Restrooms

With the high-level of traffic coming in and out of your facility, keeping restrooms clean and paper towels, toilet paper, and soap stocked is another major concern. Not only do we follow a detailed cleaning routine for bathrooms, but we’ll also ensure your supplies never run out.

Detail Cleaning

Have you noticed the picture frames in your facility looking dusty these days? What about the window ledges or front lobby check-in areas showing fingerprints? We know how crucial it is for your facility to get a consistent clean based on your scope of work.

Missed or Skipped Services

Inconsistent cleaning would get on anyone’s nerves, especially during peak patient visits. There’s no time to discipline the cleaners, but something must be done. We’re here to make sure time spent is on task, efficient, and never results in undone work.

No Communication with Cleaning Crew

Is it next to impossible to get a hold of someone on the cleaning crew when there’s an issue? Good news for you because City Wide provides you access to one point-of-contact, as well as a 24-hour resolution policy.

Our Story

When we started our company, we visualized helping local businesses with their janitorial services. But as the years passed—and we began expanding our range of services and building 55+ locations around the nation, and growing—suddenly, we saw the bigger picture. We could help larger companies on a national scale with the same mom-and-pop values we started with in this business.

Since we opened our doors in 1961, we’ve kept our promise about being honest with clients. In fact, honesty is one of our values we hold close daily. Not only do we want to take the best possible care of your locations in the simplest way, but we also want your company to understand our transparency about process. Secrets and surprises are not part of that process—much like they are with other national building maintenance companies. We’ll never blind bid you. Instead, we show up at each of your locations and give a fair assessment.

Our national accounts team—located at the home office in Kansas City—was designed to support clients who are interested in extending our services to their other facilities around the nation. Instead of having multiple City Wide contracts across the country, the National Business Development team takes charge for every account, giving you a single point of contact.

What to Expect When Getting Started with Us

If one of our Facility Services Managers established a local relationship with you in the past—or perhaps we’re just meeting for the first time—we’ll make this quick and easy so you can get back to doing what’s important—your job.

To start, we’ll want to know more about your business. What is it about your national building maintenance accounts that are a pain? Our goal in that is to design a program that will solve your problems and save you time. Whether you need one service or several, we’ll talk to make sure you get the most effective solutions for your buildings.

With more than 20+ building maintenance solutions to choose from, you won’t have to worry about managing numerous vendors across the country to keep your buildings in top condition. We can do all of this for you, and we look forward to discussing this more with you.


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Cleaning Services Dialysis Clinic Center Davita