City Wide Maintenance of Kansas City on KMBC News

On June 28, City Wide Maintenance of Kansas City had the opportunity to do a segment on KMBC News about the cleanliness of Fitness Facilities. Here at City Wide, our goal is to revolutionize the building maintenance industry. We wanted to share this segment with you to show you how to keep clean at the gym and your own business. 

This summer, fitness facilities have seen an increase in visitors due to people wanting to be in better shape for the summer. Reporter, Martin Augustine of KMBC 9, visited our City Wide Maintenance of Kansas City office on June 28th to speak with Joe Choplin and Lisa Puckett about the importance of cleanliness at the gym. KMBC explained that two customers at a Florida gym have recently been diagnosed with Legionnaire’s disease from a gym, adding to the case of cleanliness needed. To view the news segment, click here.

To keep clean, we recommend a few tips at the gym and your workplace:

  • Cover cuts and broken skin
  • Wash your hands often!
  • Wipe down machines and workspaces often.
  • Don’t share personal items
  • Wipe down your area with disinfectant spray!

City Wide is family owned and operated, and we care about your wellness! Do you have questions on more ways to enhance your workplace wellness? Contact City Wide today!