There’s value in having a maintenance partner.

Managing your building’s maintenance can become a bit complex, especially if you are short on resources and everything is a priority.  City Wide Facility Solutions appoints each account a Facility Solutions Manager to help with any, and all, of your facility needs so that you can focus on keeping your building operating at peak performance.

Michael Setters is just one of our Facility Solutions Managers (FSM) with our Cincinnati team and he has the unique viewpoint of building maintenance because before joining City Wide, he worked as the head of Maintenance for the city of Florence, KY.  “I know how difficult it can be to keep all of the balls in the air,” said Setters.  “It never fails, just when you think you’re on top of it all, something else gets tossed your way.  I loved the challenge and the responsibility of maintaining the city’s facilities but having an extra hand and that outside eye would have been nice.”

Our Facility Solutions Managers become the extra set of eyes and hands to help you with the ongoing needs of your building.  “Having a trusted partner you can depend on for reliable service and to provide honest feedback is critical in a building maintenance role,” added Setters.  “I’m so glad I can be that person for my City Wide clients.”

Our FSMs will always scan your facility and offer tips on how you can plan your services so that you have ongoing preventative maintenance.  This will help keep the building in top shape, limiting any surprises that can result in costly repairs.  Plus it helps you manage your time and your budget.

What should you be thinking about for fall maintenance?

Here are some of the more popular services that customers consider for their fall maintenance planning:

•  Hard Floor Care:  Is dirt getting tracked throughout your facility? Is the grout in your tile work looking dingy? Perhaps you’re wondering how you can remove the scuffs and scratches out of your concrete floor? No matter your concern, we can help. From matting to burnishing to strip and wax services and more, we can manage the solutions that will get your floors looking their best.
•  Lighting:  Lighting plays a major role in how your building looks, and can impact the health and productivity of the people inside. Have you been receiving complaints from employees about harsh lighting? Have your customers had trouble finding your building because it doesn’t stand out enough? Or maybe you want lower your utility bill by switching to LED. It might be time to rethink the lighting solutions in your building.
•  Snow Removal:  Believe it or not, the best time to get yourself on the books for snow services is summertime! For many, snow is the last thing on your mind right now. But that’s just another benefit of partnering with City Wide Facility Solutions – we can get your snow-related services booked in time with the right company for your facility and budget. We manage the snow services to ensure the area outside your building is as safe to access as possible.

Your Facility Solutions Manager is your one point of contact and always available to help make your job easier. They should be the first and last point of contact you need for building maintenance and will ensure any current and potential issues in your facility are addressed in a timely manner, to your satisfaction.

Reach out to them today!