Carpet Types and Specific Maintenance

Most people can tell the difference between the carpet in their homes, and the carpet in their office buildings. It’s pretty apparent. What may be overlooked is that they need to be treated differently when being cleaned.

Residential flooring is almost always designed for comfort. Plush surfaces with thick padding are important in a household setting because it creates an upscale, even luxurious feel. A taller pile and looser loop pattern is typical in this situation. While this type of carpeting is a good choice for residences with limited traffic, it would not hold up to the near constant foot traffic of a commercial office.

Commercial flooring normally has a short pile with tight looping. This creates a hardier floor that can withstand high foot traffic and the wheels of office chairs. Often there isn’t very much cushion to these floor types, but it is more important to have fibers that can spring back and hold their shape in a work environment. Another important factor of this flooring type is the economy of industrial carpeting: it is inexpensive enough to incorporate into large areas.

The cleaning of these carpet types is different in several ways. The method of cleaning is important to note, as steam cleaning and shampoo treatments can be extremely beneficial as supplementary maintenance services. With residential flooring this can mean a long dry time, but with industrial carpeting this process takes much less time.

Equipment also differs quite a bit. Commercial carpet cleaning equipment, such as a carpet extractor, is often much higher powered and is constructed to cover large areas in a short amount of time, unlike at-home devices.

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