Carpet Cleaning Under Dirt Video


Watch What’s Revealed When This Carpet Is Pulled Up and Removed

Carpet Cleaning Under Dirt Video

I’m wondering how many of you have ever had an experience like this.

A family decided it was time to finally replace their living room carpet. (If you’ve ever pulled up carpet before, it’s a lot harder than it looks, so my hat goes off to them.) After they were able to roll it out of the room, they were shocked to find what was hiding underneath their carpet. They certainly weren’t expecting as much dirt as they found.

“This is what years and years of dirt build up looks like,” they wrote under their video on YouTube.

Now here’s where the value of the video becomes even more alarming. This video captured years of a home, where one family had been living. What do you imagine it would look like if this was an office building that has more than five employees? What about 100? 5,000—all who are bringing in different levels of dirt and bacteria from their shoes into your building each day?

Carpeting in your office can be a major expense and investment, so it’s important to make sure the proper carpet care is taking place on a schedule. (Hint: This means way more than just a daily vacuum session.)

That’s where City Wide can help you. We’d love to come to your office and customize an annual maintenance program that will help you avoid the dirt and grime build-up happening on a daily basis.

For a complete listing of all our carpet care services, click here.

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