The Worst Things You Can Do to Carpet Stains

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“Did anyone see that?” you wonder. One minute, you were looking for a specific paper on your desk, and the next, you’ve just knocked your hot cup of coffee off your desk, on to the carpet in your office. What do you do?

Or have you ever walked into your office on Friday morning, and you notice black mystery spots on the carpet entryway? Mud? Oil? You’re not sure what it is, but it looks fresh, like someone just tracked it in on their shoes.

Or have you ever been embarrassed by this question: “Why do you have all those carpet stains underneath your chair in your office?” It’s certainly not fair for you to take the blame, especially if a messy person occupied the office before you. But should you do something about it so you never have to face the embarrassment again?

It might feel natural to get a soaking wet towel and scrub it out before anyone else notices.

But here are three major don’ts when a carpet catastrophe takes place. Why? Any of these quick-thinking actions could destroy or damage the carpet:

  1. Don’t pour a lot of water over the spill. If you decide to saturate the spot with water—to break up the stain—it may only make things worse by discoloring the carpet. And if that wasn’t bad enough, mold may start growing underneath the upholstery if the padding gets soaked. The water will never be able to escape, later making it easy for the mildew smell to kick in.
  2. For coffee carpet stains, make sure you are using a dry towel to blot it (not scrub). Avoid using the same coffee-soaked towel on the spot because you’ll only be spreading the stain further and further out on the carpet. Make sure to keep blotting with dry towels.
  3. You might think a stain-remover spray would be your best bet, but it might make your problem a bigger issue. If you start combining certain chemicals with wet stains, the chances are high you’ll end up leaving a larger—or bleached—stain on the carpet.

So what’s the best thing you can do about those long-standing mysterious carpet stains around your office?

Here at City Wide, we want to make sure your carpets are looking their best year-round. Make sure to check out our carpet cleaning services, which range from stain removal and steam cleaning, to deodorizing, carpet removal and installation, flood remediation, and more.

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