What’s the Big Deal About Having Commercial Floor Mats?

Carpet Cleaning Floor Mats Benefits

What’s the first thing you do when you enter a building? You might look around to get your bearings. You might look for person who is supposed to greet you. You might look for the area you need to check-in for an appointment. It’s doubtful you look down and notice the floor mats.

It wasn’t until recently when I started researching about germs and bacteria in carpet that I started to see the benefits of having floor mats at entry points.

Besides floor mats creating a professional appearance—especially if you’re able to print your company logo or design on them—here are other benefits to consider about the importance of floor mats:

  • According to an ISSA report, around 24 pounds of dirt are brought into your building—in less than a month! That means floor mats can serve as a shield for your floor, capturing and trapping the first five or six footsteps of people bringing in the outside world of dirt, germs, bacteria, and other allergens.
  • Because floor mats are catching the first deposits of dirt and germs at the front door, companies have found that having floor mats actually saves them money. How? Since the mats are capturing the dirt right away, it’s likely not as much dirt is being brought in to the rest of your building. In fact, some companies have found that having floor mats has saved them 44% in cleaning time and as much as 14% in costs because it doesn’t take cleaning crews as long to clean the rest of the building. Additionally, their flooring lasts longer, as it doesn’t undergo so much abuse from all the dirt and required extra cleaning.

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