Did Your Building’s Maintenance Stress You Out Last Year? Here’s a Way to Make it Easier This Year

Building Maintenance Yearly Program

If you Google, “What’s the most difficult thing about managing a facility” you might encounter forums of people coming together to discuss what stresses them out most about their jobs.

One forum showed a person’s response to her new role: “I’m a first time property manager on a distressed property. In the past month I have cried 6 times and have become mean. It feels like there is never any time the day or week to get everything done… ”

There are many contributing factors that would make any person in a role like this to feel overwhelmed. In fact, there was a study where 100 property management professionals were asked what their biggest challenges were in their roles.

Watch the video below to see what ranked:

As you can see from the results, time management and unexpected maintenance were in the top five things property managers are consistently challenged by. And it’s likely that the story isn’t much different for other roles (such as building owners or facility managers) who face similar issues.

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How Can You Prevent Another Year of Stress from Building Maintenance Needs?

As you may remember hearing in school, waiting until the last minute is never a good idea when you know a project is approaching. But we also understand that sometimes planning ahead is harder some months over others.

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That’s why City Wide can customize for you a Yearly Maintenance Program. Its initiative is meant to help you not only plan ahead – but plan up to an entire year in advance of maintenance services you know your facility will need done. For example, we can help schedule your carpet cleaning, hard floor care, lawn and landscaping, window washing, and more than 20-plus additional services. In addition to saving your stress, scheduling ahead can also save you time and money in the long run!

Contact your local City Wide today to find out why this may be the best move you could make for your facility and its budget.