Breaking Down the Schedule: Carpet Cleaning

If a facility only relied on routine maintenance, it wouldn’t take long until lackluster carpets, dull hard floors, and even health violations began to display themselves. Similar to oral health, where a six-month dental cleaning is just as important as brushing daily, facilities need both routine cleaning AND a maintenance program in order to flourish.

Every owner should ensure carpet cleaning makes his or her maintenance program checklist. Not only are clean carpets easier and less expensive to maintain, they also trap a facility’s airborne pollutants. This is great for a facility as long as the pollutants do not fester within the carpet. If they do, carpet pollutants can tamper with the indoor air quality of a workplace. In addition, moist soiling in carpets can result in the buildup of several unhealthy contaminants, allergens, and bacteria.

Keeping these risks in mind, carpet cleanings should take place at least twice per year. For health and well-being purposes, using an extraction cleaning method can significantly protect indoor air quality for your employees and clients. For investment purposes, it can prolong the life of your carpet and help maintain your carpet warranty. Most warranties require that professional cleanings take place on a regular basis.

Jeff GoodnoughRead more about developing your annual maintenance program from one of City Wide’s experts, General Manager Jeff Goodnough, and contact your local City Wide office to learn more about how your building would benefit from schedule carpet care services.

Jeff’s full article was featured on Cleaning and Maintenance Management Online.