Why you Should have a Yearly Plan for Your Facility

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on December 21, 2020

Yearly Solution Planning will Keep Scheduled Services on Track, Even During a Pandemic

If you have ever planned a yearly schedule for anything, you know how daunting and difficult that task can be. A lot of what-if factors permeate in your mind about what can possibly occur in the future and may affect your plans. Take the COVID-19 pandemic as a prime example of something that made everyone shift their plans. There’s a good chance the pandemic made you change and reschedule a lot of services your facility needed. A yearly plan like City Wide’s Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) can keep scheduled maintenance on track, even during a pandemic. An active pandemic is perhaps the best reason to NOT cancel any maintenance or disinfection services for your facility. City Wide will also ensure all your vital services with the proper contractors are at the top of our priority list.

Benefits of Planning Solutions for Your Facility a Year in Advance

  • Reduced downtime from areas of your facility being decommissioned (HVAC failure, roof leaks, lighting failure, plumbing issues, etc.).
    • Regularly scheduled maintenance can keep your facility in top-shape, preventing surprise maintenance issues that cause downtime – and extra expenses.
    • Your staff will be more productive if they are in an environment where they are always comfortable, and never have to worry about working in sub-standard conditions.
  • Increase the satisfaction of customers visiting your facility.
    • How likely do you think a customer will be to return if you don’t have proper air conditioning or restrooms that are in working order? What will your current customers think when they realize you don’t address the maintenance issues in your facility? Your work environment speaks volumes to your customers and visitors. It is a great idea to make sure your facility is at its best year-round for you and them.
  • You won’t have to worry about your vendors being booked and unavailable.
    • For example, you shouldn’t wait until the beginning of winter to schedule an appointment with a snow services company. If you do, you’ll likely find they are already booked for the season with customers who booked their services early. With an annual maintenance plan, City Wide can ensure any season-specific or routine solution will be planned to take place when needed.
  • You get to focus more on what matters to you.
    • As stated previously, planning a year’s worth of facility maintenance services is a time-consuming process. Maybe you have more important projects you need to focus on and don’t want to worry about what your facility needs. City Wide can help you get back to doing what you need to be doing as either a business owner or property manager.

You Shouldn’t Procrastinate When it’s About Your Facility

Let’s say you decided to have some spring cleaning done for your facility. You had detail cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning, and pressure washing done. Your facility is spotless and looks impressive. A year has gone by and your facility has lost its luster. Staff and customers are starting to complain about surfaces being dusty and grimy. The carpet now looks like it’s from 1996 and you realize the windows have prints and marks all over them. You call up all the companies you had to do those jobs originally and are now hunting for a reputable window washing company. Most of them are already booked up for the next several months, or have too many negative reviews, leaving you frustrated trying to find someone else who does comparable work for a similar budget. Along with City Wide managing the contractors for your facility’s needs, we will also check-up on the work they do for you.  There may even be issues your facility is facing that you haven’t even noticed yet; we can identify and proactively plan solutions for those maintenance needs. There is almost never a “one and done” type solution for the well-being of your facility, whether janitorial or maintenance-related, so it is always best to have someone look into your facility on a regular basis. Not only that, but you deserve to have peace of mind knowing that both new and old issues in your facility are taken care of.

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