Blizzard in July

As you hastily pullA fresh snowfall covered the roads overnight, causing your usually brief morning commute to become an hour long affair. As you hastily pull into your business’s parking lot an SUV swerves into view, barely dodging a massive pothole. Surprisingly, it slides across the blanket of white pavement with a gentle whoosh, until finally it collides with your sedan in a resounding crunch.

It may not seem like a pertinent topic during this July heat, but snow is never something you want to let catch you off guard.  An auto accident caused by inclement weather can be one of the worst experiences imaginable. It’s a hassle in normal circumstances to take care of such a stressful situation, but add 12 inches of snowfall into the mix and your troubles might be doubled. It can cause more damage to the vehicle or worse, the driver and passengers.

By scheduling snow services this far in advance, you provide ample time to get the best crew for the best price. City Wide can help. We have responsive service providers with the equipment, knowledge, and experience to get the job done right.

We also provide parking lot repair, which is best timed before the weather begins to turn. By planning your parking lot maintenance before icy weather gets here, you can avoid those nasty potholes, most of which occur during the winter months. A small crack can crumble into a large fissure under the pressure of contracting and expanding ice.

Though you may not be thinking about snow removal right now, City Wide can take care of your building maintenance needs entirely. By offering over 20 services through only 1 point of contact, we can eliminate the disconnect between your business and your building.