Blind Cleaning – It may not be your main focus, but customers will notice!

We’ve all been there.

Waiting in an office, a shop, or even a restaurant, we pause at a window to view the spring flowers just emerging in the beds outside. Our focus shifts, and instead of the happy patches of color, our eyes center on yellowing, cracked window blinds. No, they’re not out of focus – they’re just covered in dust!

Whether or not you notice the state of your blinds, your customers and guests undoubtedly will. That’s why City Wide recommends blind cleaning and repair services as a part of our Spring Cleaning service packages.

Standard janitorial services do not typically cover regular deep-cleaning of blinds. This
labor-intensive task is usually performed once or twice a year to preserve the
look of decor and reduce the dust load in the building.

As with any forward maintenance services, plan to deep-clean first and do any needed repairs with the first treatment. Ongoing cost of blind cleaning will depend on the number of windows in question and the overall condition they’re in.

City Wide can help you assess and plan for the cost of blind cleaning services, and choose the right cleaning methods for your building. Remember, blind cleaning is an important step towards reducing the overall dirt level in your building.