Auto Scrub Your Heart Out

The whir of brushes is accented by a quiet vacuum-like sound, as a machine the size of a small dumpster glides around the building. The man sitting atop the gliding box rounds another corner of the large showroom floor. In order to clean around the shining vehicles parked on the hard surface flooring, the man puts away the ride-along scrubber and gets out the walk-behind. Once he’s finished using these Automatic Floor Scrubbers, the interior of the car dealership looks perfect and it took him less than half the time of other cleaning methods.

Any building with a moderate
(Left to Right) Advance SC800 EcoFlex, Clarke Focus® II Rider, Clarke MA50™ 15B Walk-Behind Scrubber

Car dealership showrooms aren’t the only type of facility that can benefit from the use of these machines. Any building with a moderate amount of hard flooring can often gain a great deal from the use of auto scrubbers. These automatic floor scrubbers make hard floor maintenance a much more efficient process, combining several steps into one slow-motion ride around the building. With spray, scrub, suction, and squeegee operations all built into one large device, it takes only one pass to leave behind an immaculate surface.

Not all auto scrubbers are ride-along cleaning machines though. In fact, sometimes walk-behind scrubbers are a better option, depending on the application. These tend to be smaller and therefore can fit into tighter spaces, allowing operators easy access under and around obstacles like furniture, appliances, and displays. “Micro” Walk-Behind Scrubbers are small enough for this type of situation, and vacuum cleaner sized “Micro-Micro” Scrubbers are suitable for even more confined locales.

The versatility of auto scrubbers is dwarfed by their potential efficiency however. This data compiled by ISSA shows the capabilities of these floor scrubbers in a measurable square feet per hour.

Auto Scrub SqFt dry times
Data gathered from “The Official ISSA 612 Cleaning Times and Tasks” compiled by Ben Walker.

This cleaning process can also cut down on liability issues as well. With traditional mop and bucket methods, dry times can be somewhat long. Automatic Floor Scrubbers don’t leave behind very much moisture at all due to the squeegee and suction portion of the design. This means customers and employees are much less likely to slip and fall, decreasing the chance of possible lawsuits. Despite this benefit, one should always use wet floor signs when using floor scrubbers as well.

Increasing efficiency, safety, and cleaning quality can make a big difference in the appearance of your floors. So whether your business can purchase an Auto Scrubber for the building, or you want to work this equipment into the services we provide, City Wide has the ability to supply you with the best tools to get the job done.