Ask City Wide: Matting Programs are a simple solution for cleaner buildings.

Why would you risk a first impression with a dirty floor? Dirt, salt, and moisture tracked onto your floors are not only ugly, but can endanger guests and employees by creating slick spots and other hazards.

That’s why more and more companies are enhancing their janitorial programs with entryway mats.

A dirty building incurs higher
Entrance mats are the economical choice. A recent ISSA study showed that as much as 80% of the dirt in a building comes in on people’s shoes! Visitors can track dirt and soil deep into the building.

This dirt can impact your bottom line! A dirty building incurs higher labor costs to clean, and increases wear and tear on your flooring. Overall maintenance costs for HVAC systems to sensitive computer equipment can go up. Even your employees’ health is a consideration.

How much Matting is Enough?

Building a matting program isn’t complicated, but it must be done properly for maximum effectiveness. City Wide can help you build a matting program that fits your building size, soil level and budget.

City Wide will make sure you have the combination of mat lengths and types at your entryways to collect the most dirt and moisture. LEED recommends 6-10 feet of mats at high-traffic entry points for maximum impact.

Floor mats must also be sized appropriately to reduce risk of trip and fall and maintain effectiveness.

Caring for Entryway Mats

Mats are available in a variety of materials and styles for every budget and decor. They are even available with your company logo! But whether you rent or buy, mats must be vacuumed daily and deep-cleaned periodically to stay effective.

City Wide recommends entryway mats for all of our janitorial clients as a dirt-control measure and the foundation of an effective floor care program. A simple investment here will save labor, time, and headaches down the road. Give us a call today to set up a matting program that meets your building’s needs.