Customers and Staff will Appreciate a Well-Maintained Facility




“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” – Voltaire

Let them feel welcome and safe

Having a well-maintained building is vital both for the sake of appearance and for the well-being of all who enter. Positive appearances can make or break potential relationships, especially when it comes to your building’s condition. Keep your building clean, and in good repair. Your customers and staff will appreciate it. Customers and staff are also likely to feel much safer in a well-maintained facility. Perhaps most importantly, there is a substantially lower chance for injury and becoming ill in a facility that is actively maintained, as opposed to one that is not.

Benefits of a safe environment for staff include:

  • Reduced chance of injury
  • Reduced damage to equipment
  • Increase in workplace morale
  • Less turnover and lost work time
  • Higher employee retention
  • Higher productivity

Cleanliness impacts customer/staff relationships and health

electrostatic spraying

While they may not express their approval for the condition of your building outright, your customers expect a well-maintained one. However, they are likely to express their dissatisfaction with a facility in disarray. They are likely to feel more appreciated if they see your establishment as accommodating and organized. Customers expect to come to a facility that is both in good repair and thoroughly disinfected, especially nowadays. A building that is unkempt, in disrepair, and not actively disinfected is has the chance of turning away a potential client or employee. Not to mention, staff retention is likely to be hindered if a facility manager or business owner is not actively pursuing disinfection solutions for their building.

It should go as no surprise more and more job seekers are becoming concerned with health regulations at a place of potential employment. While we are seeing many positions make the switch to remote, those who are unable to work remotely show high concern for how well and often facilities are disinfected. With this, comes an expectation

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City Wide appreciates all clients, past and present! 

We appreciate being allowed to work with you. We know how important the preservation of your asset is, so we will do everything in our power to preserve the integrity of your building. We will address any concern you have for your facility, 24/7. If you have worked with City Wide in the past, let us say thank you for allowing us the opportunity. Thanks to you, we have had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with so many different people, businesses, and industries. All of which have helped us go further to reach our full potential as a facility solution’s company. We are happy to have provided solutions to any problems you have or are currently facing. It is through you, we can continue to spread a ripple of positivity and selflessness to several communities. We appreciate you for allowing us to do so.