Annual Maintenance Programs: How They Can Save Time and Solve Problems

“Failing to plan is planning to fail…” – Alan Lakein

It should go without saying that planning ahead will yield better results than shooting from the hip. Much is the same when trying to solve problems in your facility without planning. When maintenance tasks begin to snowball and blur together, it is difficult to manage them all at the same time. Having a schedule for your maintenance tasks made to cover a year’s worth of solutions will save you from stressing over the tasks on your to-do list. Scheduling also helps you meet deadlines that had been previously set.

Much like maintaining your vehicle, facilities perform most optimally when routine check-ups and fixes are made. Your car wouldn’t perform well if you continue to drive it ten thousand miles after your last oil change, much like your HVAC system wouldn’t perform well if it has been over a year since its filters have been changed. Planning for building maintenance year-round has never been easier, because, City Wide has an Annual Maintenance Program (AMP) to help plan all your facility’s maintenance needs for an entire year.

What is an AMP?


Just as janitorial services are planned and performed on a schedule, less immediate services should be performed on their own schedules. This is where the AMP can help. Having an AMP for your facility will allow City Wide to plan out all tasks needed for facility maintenance, meaning all high- and low-priority tasks will be organized so everything will be completed before the year’s end. The following are examples of services that City Wide manages, that should be performed routinely:

  • Janitorial Services & Janitorial Supplies
  • High-Touch & Electrostatic Disinfection
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Detail Cleaning
  • Window Washing
  • Landscaping
  • Pressure Washing
  • HVAC Maintenance

To see a list of all the services that City Wide can manage for you with the AMP, click here! 

Having an AMP will ensure all services are scheduled from the start! 


Picture this scenario: You have recently moved your staff into a much larger and more accommodating facility. There is much more office or warehouse space than your previous location, as well as a larger amount of amenities. You and your staff are more productive, and much more satisfied with your working conditions. Fast forward to a little over a year. The carpeted areas are dingy and stained, there are wet spots in your ceiling tiles, many desks and offices are caked in dust and grime, the windows are covered with watermarks and dirt, and the parking lot is covered in rubber tire marks and stains. What was once a beautiful, brand new facility now looks like it has already aged by a few years. You think to yourself, “How could this happen? I called every contractor I needed to have them come in, but as soon as one problem is solved, another one takes its place!”

This is the result of not having a maintenance plan like the AMP. You could carve out time to set up a maintenance schedule and create a spreadsheet with tasks, deadlines, and contacts. But a variety of issues could arise. The contact you have may no longer be in business or is booked way too far ahead. You may need to find new contractors for any new problems that have come about and you are unsure of which one you should go with. Some contractors you have found may have rates that would be outside of your budget.

All these factors can be avoided with City Wide’s AMP. How? Because with the aid of your Facility Solutions Manager (FSM), you can rest assured the contractors we schedule for you will be punctual, trustworthy, precise, and within your budget.

The value an FSM provides in creating an AMP for you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Save time
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Protect facility assets

With the expertise your FSM and City Wide has to offer for annual building maintenance, you are guaranteed results you will be satisfied with.

To learn more about, or sign up for City Wide’s Annual Maintenance Program, click here!