An Economical Way To Clean

Did you know that utilizing floor mats can make your building cleaner? You may not have thought of mats as an important part of your cleaning process, but they are! An ISSA study showed that as much as 85% of the dirt in a build comes in on a person’s shoes. That is a significant amount of dirt, and statistics show a majority of that dirt can be prevented from entering your building with a proper floor mat.

Unfortunately, soil is everywhere, and managing it can be a nightmare… nevertheless, cleaning is a vital part of your business and someone must do it. Lucky for you, a floor mat can do a lot of your work for you! Your entrance mat is the first line of defense against contaminants and particles entering the building and can save you lots of ongoing cleaning.

Along with catching soil, your mat can hold water and grime by containing the contaminants from your shoes. An effective entrance mat will store the filth until it is removed during the mat cleaning process. This is great because not only does it help keep your building cleaner, but it also substantially reduces the need for overuse of cleaning chemicals that might be harmful to the building occupants and the environment. Contact City Wide today to help you find a matting program that fits your building size, soil level, and budget!