All About That Strip and Wax

Use appropriate signage to show wet floors.
Image courtesy of Flickr: @marcusq

Hard surface flooring is a long-term investment – let City Wide help you protect it! Floor care includes daily, interim, and scheduled maintenance. With proper daily and interim services, you can keep the shine and gloss on your floors in between scheduled maintenance services, such as a Strip and Wax.

Stripping and Waxing your floors includes stripping your base flooring of damaged coating and applying new seal and finish coats. This increases the longevity of your floors and with proper interim maintenance, makes your hard floors look newer, longer!

Ensuring your floors last in between the more intensive Strip and Wax treatments can reduce the need for this service as often and can benefit your bottom line. While VCT is a great material for high-traffic areas of your building, it’s still necessary to take preventative measures to maintain it in order to keep your flooring costs low.

Don’t forget there are options before a Strip and Wax become necessary.

  • First – Matting! By implementing a matting program, you can prevent up to 85% of the dirt and debris that is walked in by foot traffic from being spread throughout your building, according to a recent study from the The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA).
  • Daily sweeping and vacuuming can remove the remaining harsh dirt and debris before it harms your flooring.
  • Mopping with a microfiber mopping kit keeps a floor free of debris that isn’t stopped by your mats and daily sweeping.
  • An interim step would be a deep scrub, and then adding an additional finish over the existing one.

When this isn’t enough, you can add shine and gloss back in through the dramatic results of a Strip and Wax. Your boss may be surprised that you got “new” flooring for such a low cost!

If City Wide seems like the right fit for your building, contact us today and we’ll give you a no-obligation quote and recommend a scheduled flooring program to protect your investment.