7 Landscaping Tips to Save You Money

Landscape maintenance deserves the same level of attention as other areas of your building. Just like your janitorial service, this is a year-round task that requires both scheduled and unplanned work. Plan the known services early to ensure they fit within your budget and schedule in order to enhance your building’s curb appeal.

Here are 7 Landscaping Tips to Save You Money:

  1. Luscious Lawns: Having your grass cut on a well-planned schedule can keep your curb appeal up and costs down.
  2. Planned Planting: Buying bulbs each Spring will save you money, instead of buying flowers already in bloom later in the season. Plus, the bulbs are more likely to flourish longer than transplanted flowers.
  3. Maintained Mulching: Mulch moderates soil temperature to help plants survive extreme weather. Additionally, mulch allows soil to retain a proper amount of moisture, reduces weeds, and adds nutrients. Mulch can also be used to control ambient water run-off.
  4. Winning Weeding: Uncontrolled weeds and roots can look unsightly and cause damage to your building’s hardscaping, which includes sidewalks and parking lots.
  5. Primed Pruning: Failing to prune plants on a regular basis can cause insect infestation, fungus, and disease. Additionally, the overgrowth of greenery can cause the building to appear unmaintained.
  6. Frequent Fertilizing: Avoid brown or bald spots on your lawn by fertilizing regularly.
  7. Insulation Inspections: While you are assessing exterior services, consider reviewing external windows, doors, and walls for proper insulation to save you money on your utility bills.

There are a lot of planned services you can do for your landscape design which will help prevent emergencies that can add costs quickly, such as unpredictable weather. Don’t forget about Certified Caretakers: Ensure you have a qualified landscaper who will look at the structure of your building as well. They will make preventative recommendations of how to avoid landscaping that may harm foundation or cause flooding.

Here’s an example:
Last year, a City Wide Janitorial Client called us because rainwater was flooding in through some ground-level windows, which were next to new mulching, done by another contractor. The offices were completely unusable, as water was coming up under the desks and everything needed to be unplugged. City Wide not only swooped in to remove the water promptly, set up fans, and review the electrical risks, but was also able to professionally re-do the landscaping the next week that had caused the water runoff to go into the offices.

Image of IMG 9028Image of IMG 9055

While the previous mulching looked nice, the building structure and water runoff toward the ground-level windows were not considered. This caused larger problems, unusable offices, and additional costs. The amount of money saved with the bargain landscaper was quickly lost.

City Wide will manage vendors, ensure continuity of service, address concerns, and do everything we do best, taking those concerns off your plate and providing your building with a positive lasting first impression. Contact City Wide today to discuss a landscape maintenance plan for your building.