5 steps to winterizing a parking lot

winterizing a parking lotEven in low- and no-snow areas, temperature fluctuations can cause cracking and potholes in your asphalt parking lots.

You can protect your parking lot and save time and money with these simple steps this season:

  1. Check for safety! Is your striping clear enough to show through snow and ice? Make sure crosswalks are clearly defined and safe paths to entrances and exits are clear.
  2. Sweep it up! Have your lots swept free of dirt and sand quarterly. This helps with de-icing in the winter, but also extends the life of your asphalt and keeps dirt out of your building.
  3. Beat the rush! Plan ahead for snow and ice removal to get the best pricing and guaranteed service.
  4. Fix it today! Assess your parking lot for holes and areas that need to be removed and replaced. Depending on your climate, these repairs can only be done at certain times of the year. Have small cracks in the asphalt sealed with rubberized crack sealant before wintry ice and rain can make them worse.
  5. Plan ahead! If you see areas of major damage (especially around drains, curbs, grades, and entry points), the existing asphalt may need a major re-haul.

Your parking lot can be a professional first impression or a poorly maintained safety hazard – especially when winter arrives. Take the steps now to review your parking lot needs with City Wide.