3 Common Snow Services Misconceptions

Common Snow Services MisconceptionsSnow and Ice Removal doesn’t seem like a complicated topic, but there are some very common misconceptions that we’d like to dispel. Read below for three commonly held beliefs about snow services that you might be surprised to find out aren’t true.

  1. Contracts keep you covered

Some assume contracting snow removal means you are paying a recurring flat fee to ensure you are covered through the winter, but more often, snow removal companies will charge on a per occurrence basis. This ensures you are only charged for services rendered and eliminates the need for watching the forecast, as the company removing the snow will take care of that for you. In fact, this usually turns out in favor of the customer, as average snow fall has decreased 0.19% percent each year in the United States according to the EPA.

  1. Booking early doesn’t make sense

Finding the right people to service your parking lots, sidewalks, and other outdoor spaces during the winter months often begin months ahead of time. It might not be on the forefront of your to do list since July is usually one of the hottest months of the year, but by planning for snow right now, you can save money and prevent service problems months down the road.

  1. Doing it yourself saves money

At times, smaller facilities or companies with in-house building maintenance teams might consider doing their own snow and ice removal. While you won’t be spending money on outside vendors to take care of your parking lot after a snowfall, you will still need to pay your staff to clear the snow before normal hours. This can lead to overtime pay, and the irregularity of snowstorms can catch some staff off guard, causing ill maintained properties. In turn, this can lead to damaged parking lots, and expensive pavement repairs come spring.

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