Top Trends You Must Know About Planning an Event

Event Planning Trends Services

Just like everything else in the world, the way we plan for major events – an annual corporate event, a performance, museum opening, a training session – has drastically changed over the years for people who must plan them. Before the 2000s, event planners were responsible for handwritten registration processes. Everything went through snail-mail, which […]

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How Attendees Will Know You Didn’t Hire Professional Cleaners for an Event

Professional Cleaners Event Services

It’s your turn to plan the company’s next big event. Perhaps you already have a vision for it. You know the key speakers you want to hire and maybe you even know the best food to cater for it. But when you find out your budget is smaller than you expected, you may have to […]

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3 Event Planning Stress Factors

Event Planning Stress Factors

If you’ve ever planned an event for a large group of people – an annual convention, street festival, concert, charity event, cocktail reception, and so on – you know just how many details (and how much stress) goes into it. Perhaps you were meticulous in making sure all details were covered. And frankly, it’s unlikely […]

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