How to Make Your Commercial Carpet Last Longer

commercial carpet clean

There’s a big difference from the carpet in your home and the carpet in your commercial building. For one thing, unlike your home, there are dozens (or hundreds) of people walking through your commercial building. That means the maintenance for commercial carpet is much higher all year round. (Think about shoes tracking in mud from […]

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Why a Musty Carpet Smell Might Be Developing in Your Facility

Musty Carpet Smell Cleaning

Have you ever walked into a building and noticed an overwhelming musty carpet smell? Or worse, is it your facility making your nose hairs stand up every day when you walk in? The culprit could be your facility’s carpet screaming for some attention and care. The reality is, sprinkling powder deodorizer or spraying some air […]

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What’s the Difference Between a Carpet Stain and a Carpet Spot?

Carpet Spot Stain Difference

People can be messy, especially when they are at the office. After all, it is a place employees spend five days, 40 hours (or more), every week. So, it may not come as a surprise there will be occasions the carpet starts to show some wear and tear from foot traffic and debris from the […]

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