Are Restroom Hand Dryers or Paper Towels More Sanitary?

Restroom Hand Dryers Paper Towels Sanitary

Building managers may choose to install restroom hand dryers to save on paper costs. But looking at it on a health perspective, do paper towels or hand dryers create more bacteria? While hand dryers may be the more energy efficient route these days, some studies have discovered downsides to these machines vs. using paper towels […]

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Hand Sanitizer vs. Soap: Does One Protect Your Facility More Than The Other?

Hand Sanitizer Vs Soap Supply Management

There’s been a long-standing debate over the years about how effective hand sanitizer is vs. the soap and water method—especially during cold and flu season. But what about other bacteria such as E.coli? While many facilities are taking precaution these days by getting electrostatic disinfectant treatments done regularly, facilities that don’t have this service done […]

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The One Paper Towel Trick All Business Owners Wish People Knew

Paper Towel Usage Janitorial Supplies

Have you ever noticed what kind of paper towel dispensers are in the public restrooms you use? Some may be in stacks on the counter, some dispensed manually, and others are even dispensed by a hand motion. If you haven’t ever paid much attention to the dispensers before, it’s not likely you’ve taken note of […]

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