Would You Believe These Celebrities Were Janitors at One Point In Life?

Celebrities First Jobs Janitors

How many of you remember your very first job? It might seem like light years ago, but we all started somewhere in order to start earning some cash. Perhaps some of our journeys started out one way, and ended up in a completely different field later in life. Believe it or not, the drastic switch […]

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3 Myths Building Owners May Believe About Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services Myths Buildings

If you own a business or manage the maintenance for your building, you’ve likely encountered working with janitorial staff or a company in the past. Whether that experience was positive or negative—or whether you’ve had several experiences with a janitorial team that have all ended up the same—it’s easy to start developing inaccurate ideas in […]

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What Kind of Commercial Floor Mats Does Your Building Need?

Commercial Floor Mats Buildings

Have you ever walked into a building without commercial floor mats? If it’s raining outside and/or you have shoes on that don’t have a good grip on the sole, it’s a dangerous combination. But that’s only a couple of ways slips and falls can happen on a property. Most property and facility managers choose to […]

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Easy Tips and Tricks to Create a Welcoming Building Entrance

Entrance Mats Building Tips Tricks

When you think of first impressions, where does your mind go? Do you think of walking into an interview looking sharp? Does your mind go to meeting someone important? Or being prepared for a presentation in front of your company? First impressions seem to expand much further than just our personal style or presentation skills. […]

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This Video Captures the Importance of Entrance Mats at Work

Entrance Mats Work Businesses

In the last few years, our culture has become obsessed with how many steps we take in a day. So would it surprise you to learn the average American only takes around 4,700 steps per day? That’s according to a study done last year by Stanford University. It seems like a goal only an individual […]

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