Has This Ever Happened to You in a Public Restroom?

Janitorial Supplies Toilet Paper Problem

Sitcoms often have relatable scenes for all of us. One episode in particular on the popular comedy show Seinfeld was one of those scenes. Elaine finds herself in a public restroom stall with empty toilet paper rolls. After it’s too late to move to another stall, she begs her neighbor for some spare squares. But […]

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Have You Run Into This Problem With Your Janitorial Crew?

Janitorial Crew Staff Commercial Cleaning

Problems have a way of arising during your busiest days, don’t they? Since you’re in charge of managing a commercial property—and possibly running a business on top of it—the last thing you may have time for is fixing a problem, dealing with cleaning complaints, or having a conversation with the janitorial crew. Even television show […]

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Can Germophobes Avoid Viruses? See What Happens During This Experiment

Cold Flu Season Germophobes

It’s the worst time of the year for germophobes: cold and flu season. Employees spend so many hours together during the week, often passing the same illnesses back and forth to each other for months. And there’s only so much they can do on their end to prevent catching it: washing hands, disinfecting their desks, […]

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Not There! Top 9 Places Office Germs Are Crawling at Your Workplace

Office Germs Keyboard Flu Plan

Get your hand sanitizer ready! There are obvious places we’ve learned germs crawl—bathrooms, door handles, people’s hands. But what about the not-so-obvious areas in your office you’ve never thought twice about? As cold and flu season quickly approaches us, we’re going to help reveal office germs facts, and why it’s crucial to have a cold […]

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Watch How Far Your Sneeze Germs Are Going—Even If You Cover It


It’s a rule we’re sure your parents said when you were sick: cover your mouth and nose! It’s impossible to avoid other people sneezing around you—especially at work during cold and flu season. Some people cover their sneeze germs with their sleeve, but others quickly react and sneeze right into their hands. Others choose to […]

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