The Worst Things You Can Do to Carpet Stains

Carpet Cleaning Stains Office

“Did anyone see that?” you wonder. One minute, you were looking for a specific paper on your desk, and the next, you’ve just knocked your hot cup of coffee off your desk, on to the carpet in your office. What do you do? Or have you ever walked into your office on Friday morning, and […]

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What’s the Big Deal About Having Commercial Floor Mats?

Carpet Cleaning Floor Mats Benefits

What’s the first thing you do when you enter a building? You might look around to get your bearings. You might look for person who is supposed to greet you. You might look for the area you need to check-in for an appointment. It’s doubtful you look down and notice the floor mats. It wasn’t […]

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Carpet Trivia: Can You Answer These Tough Questions About Where You’re Stepping?

Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Germs Trivia

At one point in our lives, we were taught how to vacuum the carpet in our house. And for most, that’s about the extent of what we know when it comes to keeping carpet clean. But did you know your home carpet and business carpet have different maintenance needs? Take this quick quiz to find […]

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Watch What’s Revealed When This Carpet Is Pulled Up and Removed

Carpet Cleaning Under Dirt Video

I’m wondering how many of you have ever had an experience like this. A family decided it was time to finally replace their living room carpet. (If you’ve ever pulled up carpet before, it’s a lot harder than it looks, so my hat goes off to them.) After they were able to roll it out […]

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What’s Really Living in Your Office Carpet?

Carpet Cleaning Facts Germs Bacteria

Have you ever walked into a building and noticed a funky smell? Would your first thought be the carpet? On the contrary, it might be one of the last things you pay attention to. Yet there are dozens – possibly hundreds, depending on the size of your company – of people who walk on it […]

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