One Less Headache

Related Services: Upholstery and Partition Cleaning

While you’re in your break room to pour yourself some coffee, you open the cupboard to grab a cup and *sigh.* Shoot. You’re on your last batch of disposable coffee cups! Another thing that slipped your mind this week. With your head down, you walk back to your desk to put through an order. As […]

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Common Slip-Ups Concerning Your Supplies

Commercial Cleaning, janitorial services

Even though we try our best to avoid them… mishaps happen. Supplies can be a time consuming and expensive process without the right foundation for ordering.  Most people understand the basic concept of ordering supplies, however, they may not be as versed in on-time delivery, stock levels, and monitoring usage to ensure they are maximizing […]

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What’s Trending in Supplies?

What's Trending in Supplies

At City Wide, one of our core competencies is supply management. We know that as the economy grows your business prospers, and in turn foot traffic increases, which causes an increase in the demand for additional cleaning services, especially janitorial supplies. The Future is Green Lucky for you, we understand that with growth and innovation […]

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