It’s so easy… Why do I need a Handyman?

patching a hole in the wallLet’s be honest: moving furniture isn’t rocket science, hanging pictures isn’t structural engineering, and patching a hole in the wall isn’t quantum physics. Sure, you could take care of it yourself, but the reason you need a handyman isn’t because of the difficulty. You use a handyman for these tasks because it’s more efficient and less dangerous to yourself and your business.

By hiring a handyman with all of the right tools, knowledge, experience, safety precautions, and insurance, you are protecting your company’s property and employees.

When it comes to handling a business’s property, being able to hold someone accountable for its treatment is important. Moving furniture may seem like a simple task, but when a desk is dinged or a chair is chipped you will be happy to have someone to speak with about it.

When making repairs, having the right tools for the job is half the battle. Wall patches, drywall tape, joint compound, spackle, job-specific blades, and the correct grit of sandpaper are essentials when repairing wall damage. These are resources that our contractors possess and know how to use properly.

In the same vein, a professional handyman will have the experience and knowledge to get each job done correctly and efficiently without damaging anything. When hanging pictures, it’s important to get the frame level, but there are several other factors to consider as well. Will a drywall anchor or toggle be necessary? Is the picture heavy enough to warrant finding and drilling into the studs? Where are the air-ducts, pipes, and wiring within the wall? All these questions are easily answered by trusting a professional.

Safety is a huge priority for a business that is putting people on ladders or using dangerous power tools. By hiring City Wide to manage your maintenance needs, you are guaranteed there are procedures and precautions in place that ensure the safety of the workers and your employees.

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