Staying ahead of the Flu in the New Year.

The New Year is a time when health is top-of-mind. People make New Years resolutions to eat better and exercise more. So now is an excellent time to revisit some best practices for creating a healthy work environment for your co-workers. It is still flu season, after all.

  1. Be visible. Keep visual reminders about hand washing, sanitizer use and flu season best practices up until March.
  2. Keep supplies like tissues, wipes, and hand sanitizer dispensers easily accessible in public spaces. Consider areas like call centers and copy areas where lots of people have access to common devices.
  3. Where are your wastebaskets? This might seem obvious, but make sure there’s a wastebasket available near every box of tissues to encourage safe disposal.
  4. Follow the plan. Keep in touch with your City Wide FSM to increase your service level if sickness breaks out in your office.

A clean workplace is just one piece of the puzzle. The CDC offers some great Do’s and Don’ts for preventing the spread of flu during flu season. These show some simple steps individuals can take to stay healthy this time of year.

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